Thursday, April 9, 2015

Makrab 2015.

"Hey, start running, kick off from the ground for a high jump. Let's add some spices to our boring daily lives."

Makrab (n.) Malam keakraban; gathering. Adalah 3 hari 2 malam bersama sefakultas desain di kampus. Buat 2004 - 2014 jangan lupa melipir untuk sekedar mengenal dan berpesta bersama.

Untuk tanggal dan informasi lebih lanjut bisa kontak ke 2012 dan 2013 as committees. 

We're just formulating our party. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Introducing : Poof! Project.

Poof! Project is illustration, paper goods, and stationery brand based on Jakarta. They're ready to ink/paint-ing your own stuffs, they're enthusiast too to make colors on your room. For example by service you a mural! Littlest said about them, Poof! Project is formed by the union of vision and mission.

These all also my vision and mission too.
Many effort and work or everything will feel enjoyable, caused my principle for doin' something is to do (even the small things) with sincerity. :)

Here is the ads.

Journal measures A5, A4 or custom paper you'd like and has 64 pages. Poof! notebook journal will comes with a free bookmark ready for gift giving. This small journal will fit nicely in your pack and be within easy reachable at a moment notice.

The artwork's printed on good quality paper and each page is combined with good quality paper too.

And, they first product: notebooks are available for shipping. 
For now, they can only be reached via instagram or can directly send a mail to Poof! email address at // instagram: @poofproject 
Poof! Notebook Journal & Sketchbook have been designed to bring you a visually exciting and enjoyable experience for organizing your daily/weekly/monthly to do's. Their (my) love for living life in color is highlighted.

They products 're also gives you an enjoyable tactile experience when gliding your  pen over its smooth survace. 

One or two reviews about their products will also posted later. If you're interested, please, do not hesitate to contact them.

Oh pals, I was the one who survived because of dreams. 

Warm hugs, 
RH, 2014.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Akibat mati suri

Blog ini hidup kembali, after the last post on 3rd May 2013. 

Tidak usah banyak-banyak, beberapa baris saja cukup untuk ngasih tauin. 
Bukannya kita tidak diperbolehkan kritis terhadap hidup. But humans are too stunted. Terlalu kerdil untuk semua rencana-rencana yang sudah di tetapkanNya. All have been arranged. :)

{RH}, 2014.