Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gambar Harian

Ola! This is it, #GambarHarian on July is à venir sur la ville!
Just travailler bien HERE for more information about Gambar Harian on July 2012! :3
.............or check this twitter acc: @GambarHarian 

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Folktale #1

I need you to carry me into a wonderful.

Bongsu Alang, beautiful and genuine woman from south Sumatra, Indonesia. The goodness of her heart sounded to ears of King Nulong, king who ruled that land...
to marry her, the king must collect the seven pieces of lime, he was not allowed to take the limes with anything other. He must take those using his legs and put into bamboo..
The king was approved it. Promise it, then give that dowry into Bongsu Alang
Then, they get married. Bongsu Alang become a queen.


I'm still have much to tell you about the story of of Bongsu Alang, princess--or queen. If you are curious, you can wait until the book that I make finished. :-) catch ya worries, take the worries out!
Wait a while longer.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pour les Curieux

Raden Saleh Exhibition 3-17 June

Finally, checked! cc: Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta. 2012
Fuh! I'd visited the exhibition was just a day before closing! It just because the assignment(s) stay around ma thang and they pushed me up to 'finish it! finish it!' and I was goin without feelin anxious and doubt. :)
Theme: "Raden Saleh and the Beggining of Modern Indonesian Painting" ---father of Javanese modernity and his importance for Indonesian art.

Daily doodles

Daily doodles and thoughts. I'd draw these thangs on my 'Buku Ajaib part #1" :) 
with micikoy and ink of course..

Rough-words, scrawled


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ucumipu's Tote Bag

Pick the 'worst' artwork from labels illustration or whatever you want (there----->>) 
then, spread it into a super magnificent & adorable tote-bag from Ucumipu :-)

You can choose or pick your own (custom) request for your tote, example: words,
so, what r ya waitin for? Pick your mine! :3

For order: (cp/whatsapp:) 0857-10170099 or (pin:) 27F34814
For more info, follow @ucumipu art-shop on twitter

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gerecokin gambar

Seneng sekali gerecokin gambar orang hahahahaha mudah-mudahan orang yang bikin pohon warna-warninya gak keberatan gambarnya aku amburadulin beginih :'3
Doain yah micipo, supaya dia nggak gettin madness lagi. Kasian matanya sedih melulu, nanti tambah sipit kak! Hahahahaha /('o')\ #UPS!

Oiya, kalo mau lihat celoteh-celoteh pintar aku lainnya, enjoy this link: Ceritanya Sketch or check this mine of page on Tumblr---> UCUMIPU

Bunch of kisses, Thari.