Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pour les Curieux

Raden Saleh Exhibition 3-17 June

Finally, checked! cc: Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta. 2012
Fuh! I'd visited the exhibition was just a day before closing! It just because the assignment(s) stay around ma thang and they pushed me up to 'finish it! finish it!' and I was goin without feelin anxious and doubt. :)
Theme: "Raden Saleh and the Beggining of Modern Indonesian Painting" ---father of Javanese modernity and his importance for Indonesian art.

Daily doodles

Daily doodles and thoughts. I'd draw these thangs on my 'Buku Ajaib part #1" :) 
with micikoy and ink of course..

Rough-words, scrawled


Collaboration drawing (full & finished) 

Collaboration drawing w/ kak tama

The tree, sure that you cannot be seen.. but it feels.